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Techbeast Pakistan is one of the Leading News Publisher Company, Tech and General News platform. Techbeast is an independent news publisher in Pakistan. We will lead in technology and telecom, we are bringing the same expertise and comprehensive coverage to business, news, Online Earning, auto, startups, sports, and many other fields. is an online platform that translates the voice of an alternative Pakistan. We create content and handpick stories that are relevant to all types of audiences in Pakistan. Techbeast has the goal to publish unique content for users which they love to read and share with others.


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Why the name Techbeast Pakistan? Well, they tried publish content that covers all the aspects of pakistan include technology, politics, economy, Growth, Trends, Media, Virl, celebrities News, Latest Solutions, Services, and many more. we want to reach out to every Pakistani everywhere in Pakistan. In addition, we wanted our content to push boundaries, be edgy and question that which isn’t questioned.[adsense]

The goal is very simple about news and Content to publish unique trending and sharable content that shows all aspects of Pakistan and provides a glimpse into our immensely diverse society.

We want you peoples to be part of our movement because we can’t do this alone. Join us to save and built a better Pakistan from shitty and boring content.