How to hold your hand on a gaming keyboard?


Although this topic may seem very trivial to many experienced and novice gamers, positioning your hands on a best budget mechanical gaming keyboard is important. The video game industries have come to completely change all people’s world and the ways of playing. Currently, all the professional gamers who are making millions of dollars a year are through online video games.

This current reality is something that many people could not have imagined or predicted 20 years ago when video games were beginning. The ideal team is the key for people to have a better chance of experiencing online video games. Besides a simple internet connection that is very good and reliable, people will need a fast computer with a good graphics card.

Not only that, but gamers should also have a mechanical keyboard (or other models) along with a high-DPI mouse. Not all gaming keyboards are beneficial than gaming keyboards that are a bit more affordable and inexpensive on the market. The reason people want to focus on placing their hands on the keyboard because this can generally improve performance.

Traditional hand placement

Traditional hand placement when it comes to playing shooting video games is a topic that can cause entertaining discussions. Most gamers worldwide are always right-handed, and they will want to place their hands (the right) on the mouse. The fingers’ placement on the different types of gaming keyboards that exist is much more important than that of the mice.

Right-handed people will use their left hand for this purpose, and, on the other hand, left-handed people will use their right hand. The middle finger must take care of the “W” and “S” buttons. The ring finger must always be on “A” and the index finger on the “D” key. Players should be aware that the little finger and thumb play an extremely important role in hand placement for FPS games.

The thumb is a finger that players must secure to toggle between the “X, Z, and C” keys, as well as the “Space.” The little finger must alternate between the left “Ctrl” and “Shift” buttons; only the proper use of the hands-on position of the gaming keyboard will provide great advantages. Not all video games available on the market require players to have the same hand positions on the keyboard.[adsense]

Alternative method

If, for some reason, the players do not have or cannot find a comfortable hand placement, they can opt for an alternative method. It should work together with the mouse in the same way as it does the more common and traditional method. The suspension of the hands and the fingers’ placement changes is when it comes to a mechanical gaming keyboard.

The alternative method is much simpler, and it involves only using the fingers on all the keys of the gaming keyboard. The left-hand index finger should only cover the “W” and “S” buttons. Although this is unconventional, it can be quite convenient. The second finger is the left thumb. This must fully occupy the “space” and the changes that are required.