Online Video Maker Is Crucial To Your eCommerce. Learn Why!


By 2040, 95% of all purchases will be online. Overall, eCommerce is growing by 23% year on year, and yet, about half of small businesses don’t have a website. It’s not just about putting your business online though. You need to make your page work well with engaging content and interesting videos online. If you haven’t already, visit this site to see how much an online video maker can do for your business.  

As a business, you’re interested in generating revenue and profit. Within eCommerce, you do this by getting people to your site so they actually buy something through your pages. An online video maker helps this process along as described below:

  • Convert leads into sales
  • Google prioritizes videos
  • Video content is shared more often

Convert leads into sales

Most research now shows that about three-quarters of people buy online because of a product video they’ve seen on that particular website. Essentially, an online video improves the overall experience of a website by making things easy to understand. The content in the first video, for example, shows how the product offers a solution to whatever problem people are trying to deal with.

Another huge advantage to eCommerce is that you can shop anytime and from anywhere. Again, online videos make that real by showing just how accessible your product and brand really are.

Google Prioritizes Videos

These days, online videos play a big part in Google’s ranking algorithm. People have basically asked for more video content so Google is giving it to them. It doesn’t mean people don’t read anymore but the videos act as a bit of a signpost to your website and written content. The main point is that videos will get you higher rankings so making your brand more visible. That way, you naturally increase your reach. It’s therefore worth doing a bit of planning and research into keywords before you get started and make videos.

Video content is shared more often

People love sharing fun and interesting videos. There’s something about posting images that makes people feel like they belong to a community. Amazingly, Facebook states that videos get about 135% more organic reach than just photos.

How to Boost your eSales with an Online Video Maker

So, you might now be wondering how to get all these wonderful results and how to even create videos? The secret is to make the most of your video maker as per the following ideas:

  • Make enticing product videos
  • Build trust and Increase visibility
  • Create an emotional connection

There are many different types of videos you can make ranging from intro videos to tutorials. All of them have advantages but when it comes to eCommerce, the product videos often work best. Essentially, when you make a video, you’re helping people visualize how your product integrates into their lives to answer their problems.

You’ll be glad to know that a video maker allows you to do this very easily. Simply search the millions of video templates available with your keywords or business focus. Once you choose your template, you’ll be able to customize as much or as little as you want and include any graphics, logos, and of course music tracks when video editing. Also, any video editor tends to offer music without rights reserved so you don’t have to worry about copyright laws. Lots of video editing software are available these days, even you can get software as good as iMovie for Windows.

Build trust and Increase visibility

As mentioned, Google favors video content. Then again, most social media platforms also push for video content. This is because images are a great way to build trust. People tend to relate more to businesses when they see the person and the face behind the logo. There’s no better way to do that than with a video maker where it’s very easy to drag and drop your content into any video template.

Create an Emotional Connection

Psychology research shows that people relate to video on a deeper level. The combination of music and images helps us imagine how life could be. It also allows us to feel like we belong to a group and a community. Get the right content and people will want to belong to your community so much that they buy your product.[adsense]

The good news is that all video maker templates are already professionally made and set up for creating that emotional link. You simply add your content and music, adjust the video editor and then download your video ready to share on social media. It’s all very easy to use and create.

If you’re serious about your business then you can’t ignore eCommerce. It doesn’t have to be a painful process though if you use a video maker. Simply plan your marketing campaign and think of your keywords. Then customize your video template and launch it through social media. You’ll be amazed at the organic growth and increase in followers that you generate.