Things to Do While Movers Are Moving Your Belongings: Moving Tips


Moving is stressful, there is no doubt about it. That’s a fact that 5 million Canadians have gotten to experience just in the last 5 years!

There’s so much paperwork, phone calls, and emails involved. Fortunately, you can take all the grunt work off your back by hiring a moving company. When you hire professional movers, they know what they’re doing, so you can basically rest easy knowing they have your stuff under control.

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There are just a few simple things you can do to help them do the best job they can, get it done quicker, and even save you some money. Let’s talk about some simple moving tips for when your movers are doing the job.

What To Do While Movers Are Moving Tips: Be Prepared

Before the movers show up, be prepared for it. Trying to do too much while they’re carrying furniture in and out might only complicate things. Do as much as you can before they arrive to make sure this goes smoothly.

There are some simple things you can do, like moving any tripping hazards, securing your boxes with enough tape, and getting ready to answer the door when they arrive.

Time is an important factor for the move, not for the movers, but for you. The sooner the job can be done, the sooner you can get into your new house and the less money you’ll have to spend on the move.

Unplug Everything

If a mover doesn’t realize that there are 10 things in the entertainment center plugged in all at once, and they start moving it, that could be a recipe for disaster.

This is an easy step to help them out. Just unplug everything and bunch up the cords, securing them properly to avoid tripping hazards. You’ll be a mover’s best friend.

Make Sure Everything Is Packed

You probably finished packing before the movers arrived, but just check your drawers and closets and make sure all the little stuff is in a box so the movers can get everything in the truck and avoid any delays.

Secure your boxes and tubs nice and tight to avoid any complications with these packed items.

Decide What You Don’t Need

If you’re moving a lot of stuff and you’re not sure it will all fit, now is a great time to prioritize, and maybe put out a “curb alert” on craigslist. If you’re reading this and you still have a bit of time before the move, consider selling some of your stuff on the platform or holding a yard sale. That may even cover some of your moving expenses.

Labels, Labels, Labels

Don’t expect your movers to remember which room they grabbed each identical box from. Save yourself some headaches while unpacking and make sure you clearly label each box on multiple sides.

If the boxes contain glass or other fragile items, add the clearest “fragile” label that you can, and feel free to even follow up with the movers about what the boxes contain, so they know. Bonus tip, having a labeling system will help you a lot later on.

Measure Furniture and Doorways

This can save a huge amount of time for your movers. If you know your couch won’t go through the front door and will only fit through the sliding door in the back, this will save them the surprise later on.

If you measure anything that won’t fit, disassembling the items beforehand or while the movers are moving can also save a lot of time.

Keep An Eye On Essentials

If you have boxes of essentials that you plan to take in your own vehicle, then label them as such or put them away from the rest of the packages, even in your car if you’re comfortable leaving them in there.

Let your movers know which boxes won’t be going in the truck, and try to keep them in one place to avoid confusion.

Double Check Everything

Moving is a one-and-done job, so you have to get it right the first time. Double-check every room, every drawer, every rug, and make sure everything you need is safely packed away.

Anything can be overlooked by even the most diligent packers, so it’s worth the extra effort to just glance over every place in the house.

If you hired professional packers, do your best to organize what you can beforehand just so you know that everything is being accounted for.[adsense]

Try To Stay Out Of The Way

Any of the things on this list that you can get done ahead of time, please do. Interfering with the movers will increase the risk of damaging your belongings, adding time onto the move, and possibly even causing injury.

You don’t have to try to help them with getting things onto the truck. They were hired to do a job, so don’t feel useless. Do what you can to help, and they’ll be very appreciative!

Stick Around

Even though you should be trying your best to stay out of the way, it is still best to stick around in case the movers or the moving company have any questions. Make sure at least one person in the household is accessible to them to oversee the move and make any decisions about furniture or other concerns.

Get A Move On!

It’s pretty simple. You’re hiring a moving company to do a job, and your only role is to be there to answer questions and make sure they’re able to do their jobs safely and effectively. It’s not too bad, right?