You Can Find Out Your Disease Through Your Tongue And a Spoon, See The Unique Way

Part of our body is fine or not, Any part of your body is working properly? The resort has several expensive tests to learn. But it can only work with a spoon and your tongue and all this can be done in just a minute. Take the spoon to remove the saliva from his scraped, Spoon in this effort as much as possible to take up the neck so that his saliva on the spoon inside. Tongue And a SpoonPack the spoon in plastic bag, an see after one minute. If the spoon is clean, that means, your internal organs are fine, and if not smelly that it is a sign of being healthy. If spoon has changed color, or a bad smell in it, but do not worry, follow the instructions given below.

Place the spoon in the light and see:

* If the color orange as it was, and it indicates kidney failure, and you must immediately contact a doctor.
* If it has a purple, it is the sign of weak growth and high cholesterol in the blood.
* If the color is white, it is pointed respiratory.
* Thick white or yellow color, sign of thyroid problem.
*If smell is coming from the spoon, Its means bad smell is coming from your mouth, so gargle, and cleaning your face regularly. If the smell coming from the mouth like sweetness, it may be early signs of diabetes.

Tongue is always used to know the health condition, this method is considered to be very useful. However, about your health, do not be lazy at all. The method mentioned above is considered quite beneficial, but you should continue to undergo regular checkup.