A Divine Cure for Every Disease Proven by Medical Science

Nigella Sativa is a medicine of many diseases, especially oil, to its high nutritional value and its medicinal properties amazing. In this article I liked to tell you some of the benefits of this amazing Kalonji. Holy Prophet said about this “Kalonji is a remedy (cure) for all diseases (ailments) except death”. The Arabs knew by thousands of years and explored by the Europeans in the last century. Divine Cure for Every DiseaseThe Arabic name of Nigella sativa, but also known around the world by other names such as Black seed in English, Carvi in French, schwarzkummel in German, kalonji in Hindi/Urdu, kezah in Hebrew, Chernushka in Russian, Corek-out in Turkish and Siyahdaneh in Persian etc.

As one of the interested natural treatment the Black seed is a cure for over hundred diseases. The Black Seed – Kalonji containing material characterized by the following properties: Antibiotic, Mind strong oxidants, antibacterial and germs, Anticoagulant, Anti-asthmatic and, Anti-fungal powerful etc.

The Healing Power of Kalonji (Nigella Sativa):[adsense]

1- Diluted Pain:

Love the pond used for the mitigation of pain. The Black Seed oil in the process of wound healing and to treat raised major burns resulting from chemical weapons. Eat the pill also reduces the side effects resulting from opium addiction.

2- The Treatment of Cancer:

Studies have proven modern scientific feasibility of the method of treatment of the Arab and the love of the against some cancers, such as the bowel. The pill to stop the growth of cancer cells and prevent their spread in the body.

3- A Source of Energy:

Black seed contains a lot of nutrients important for the body, in addition to vitamins and minerals, proteins, vegetable and some fatty acids are non-convulsive.

4- How to Eat Black Seed – Kalonji:

Advised to eat very small amounts of grain, either by grinding or spraying of the seeds on the food or with the authorities. It can grind the pill and mix it with water and drink it a day and an hour before a meal.

5- Tonic to the immune system in the body:

In addition to many benefits which include heart health, nervous system and digestion and to treat the skin and a natural anti-inflammatory and a natural cancer cells and treat the contract. Some studies confirming the benefits of black seed oil to treat skin diseases and to treat dry hair and to treat diarrhea caused by harmful bacteria, lowering high blood pressure and cure insomnia.