Best Replacement of IDM-Download Free jdownloader With Same Features

Today a good file download manager needs everyone. So that by downloading files not only provides good downloading speeds, but if the download is kept somewhere between instead of reloading the entire file the chain from where it is broken. If downloading directly from the browser  does not support the website resume downloading becomes difficult due to any messing in the Internet. While you are using a download manager, not only does it download it with your full speed of the internet, but also gives additional features.Best Replacement of IDM

Today the IDM – Internet Download Manager is the favorite download manager for everyone. This is because of its speed and its features. If you are looking for a free alternative to IDM, try the “JDownloader“.

Better Design and Availability:Free jdownloader

The JD Downloader is not just a design like an IDM, but also all the features of the IDM. The most important thing is, it is available free of charge for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems under Open Source.

Video and Audio files download:Free jdownloader (2)

Like IDM also you can download your favorite videos from websites through jdownloader.[adsense]

Bypass the Advertisement Links:Free jdownloader (4)

One of the great features of the JD Downloader is that it bits advertised ads and reaches the original download file. This way you get rid of ads, and dose not waste time by watching timer. This can be done bypassing website etc.

Free and premium file hosting sites Support:Free jdownloader (3)

It also has great support for downloading files from file hosting websites. For example, if you put a download link from the media fire or a file hosting website, you do not have to do any further work, it can download itself by downloading the download file itself. In addition, you can add your premium account to it.

Automatically solve Captcha:Free jdownloader (5)

Its another great and exciting feature Captcha has to be solved automatically. If a website has been given Captcha before downloading, it can automatically solving and download the file.

Bulk links downloading:

By using JDownloader, you can add multiple links simultaneously to download it from rotating.

Joining files from pieces:Free jdownloader (6)

When you download a larger file or game etc, and it has been uploaded by pieces with the help of winrar. So it automatically joins the file to you after downloading the file.

Download this download manager free of charge from its official website: