The World’s Thinnest Laptop, Made By Samsung Electronics Korea

Samsung Series 9, 900X3B Intel Sandy Bridge version is a Thinnest Laptop in the world made by Samsung Electronics Korea. This laptop built on an aluminum chassis machined from a solid billet with diamond tipped cutters. Its Screen size is 14 inch and weighs just over one pounds and could start at around 7 second. With mSATA drive and 4GB of DDR3 RAM and its CPU has been upgraded from a 1.4GHz i5-2537M to a 1.6GHz i5-2467M. Original is just 1366×768 pixels and maximum 1600×900 pixel. Current price for a Samsung Series 9, 900X3B is Pakistani RS 1,32000 or about USD $1,400.World’s Thinnest Laptop


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Samsung Series 9 900X3B Review