Technology for the Devout, Prayer Mat Lights Up When Facing Mecca

EL-Sajjadah is the technology to Devout the for next generation. It is an illuminating prayer mat that lights up when facing Makkah and an art piece, you can hang on the wall as a night light. Prayer is a prominent pillar of Islam for all Muslims around the world. This prayer mat gives you a clean and isolated platform for the prayer during the 5-times-a-day. All Muslims must need to pray towards Makkah where Holy Kaaba is located. Current practice is that an analogue compass is used to find this direction, if it is not already showed by a mosque or a local sign. Prayer Mat shows you the right direction to pray by lighting up the patterns on its surface when facing Makkah.EL-Sajjadah-is-an-illuminating-prayer-mat

EL-Sajjadah operates on with mains power or rechargeable batteries. The prayer mats can be available by pledging a minimum of $500.
Illuminating Prayer Mats is available for order via the page
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Prayer Mat Lights Up When Facing Mecca