Save Your Hard Disk And Its Precious Data Due To Suddenly Computer Switch Off

A hard drive stores programs, images, and all other files. Have you ever thought that we switch off rather than shut down the computer? Therefore, the direct switch off the hard disk may be causing of damaged. However suddenly the power goes out, then? I want to tell you a great tip To protect your computer’s hard disk. Use it to your hard disk that cannot harm , how many times switch off your computer.

Follow the below steps:

Save Your Hard Disk (0)

1- First right click on My Computer then click on properties.
2- Now click on Hardware then Device Manager, a new window will appear.
3- Select disk drives option and then double click on your Hard disk.
4- Another new window open named “Device Properties”
5- Select Policies tab and unchecked this (Enable write caching on the disk)
and then click on OK.[adsense]

Screen Shots

Save Your Hard Disk

Save Your Hard Disk (2)

Save Your Hard Disk (3)

Now your Hard Disk has been saved from any big loss.