Important Aspects to Incorporate in Your Social Media Audit Strategy


Social media marketing is emerging as an important business marketing approach. However, it is not all the companies in the market that are making an impact. However, the organizations that have an impact in the market are those with the best social media platforms. It may appear vague, but not all social media platforms are good. Some are excellent, while others are ambiguous. To have an effective social media platform, you need to conduct a social media audit.


What is Social Media Auditing?

Just like in financial auditing, a social media audit has everything to do with analyzing your social media platforms. A social media audit will give you important details about your social media accounts. Here, you’ll learn some of the essential ways of improving your platforms for effective performance. There are some simple techniques that you can incorporate in your business to conduct an effective audit of your social media platforms.

Check Your Social Media Accounts

Today, there are very many social media platforms that companies are using to market their products and services in the market. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of all the social media accounts you’ve been using. Sometimes it is necessary to ensure that you have some innovative software tools that can help you to have a single interface of all the social media accounts for your organization. Analyzing all the social media accounts for your company will have you have a single approach in your social media activities and avoid fragmented communication.

Analyze Publishing Metrics

How do you publish your posts on various social media platforms? Some companies may tend to post on one social platform at a specific period and post on other social platforms later. You need to know whether the strategy you’re currently using is working. Generally, social media platforms need to have similar posts at any given time. You don’t need to have divided attention to various social media platforms. Such an approach may leave some of your customers out, and they may not know when you’re publishing your messages.

Engagement Metrics

Do you even engage your followers on all the social media accounts? This is a question that you need to answer. It is expected that every company should endeavor to engage its customers using the various social media platforms it has been using. Most of the organizations out there in the market have been making major mistakes of ignoring their customers, only for them to find it hard to attract more customers. It is important to make sure that you are always engaging your followers so that you can maintain them in your organization. If you fail to engage them, they will move to other companies that are ready to engage them with ease.

Analyze Audience Demographics

Knowing the demographic that has been following your social media platforms helps you to know how you will approach your overall social media strategy. Avoid incorporating some generic social media marketing approach that is not targeting any demographic in the industry. It is always necessary to know who your followers are. If your followers are Millenials, your marketing messages and publishing should be relevant to the needs of Millenials. Failure to be consistent with the needs of your demographics will only yield negative results in your business, which can lead to a failed social media approach.[adsense]

How to Conduct Social Media Audit

As a startup company, carrying out social auditing on your social media platforms will be a huge task. You need experienced social auditing companies like NetBaseQuid to guide you through the entire auditing process. This is an organization that has been undertaking social auditing activities for very many years.