4 Major Reasons You Need a VPN


VPNs have been a hot topic recently, and for a good reason. Privatnostonline, an independent organization that researches online privacy and security. According to them, integrity and security on the Internet have never been more jeopardized. With the usual suspects such as hackers and cybercriminals, the list enrolled private organizations, companies, big corporations, and even the government.

Everyone wants their piece of the cake, and some of them don’t pick their means to amend. The reports are full of data breaches, theft, and ransom, over to geographical restrictions and price manipulation, all the way to the full-on breach of privacy by those with interest. This is where VPNs may come in handy, and here are our top reasons.

Additional security and privacy

Internet and networking, as well as software and programming, are fragile things. There’s no such thing as a perfect network, or program, or perfectly safe data, even when the device is not connected to any network.

The only way to improve your security is by staying up to date with the novelties in the area. These novelties are not just anyone’s whim – they are necessary responses to the never-ending efforts of malevolent parties to breach through these defenses.

One way to improve your security is to add layers upon layers of defenses that will wear the intruders off. This means firewalls, antiviruses, secure networks, passwords… and a VPN. A VPN improves your safety by adding a whole layer to your security defenses. Yes, they can be breached, but in a combination with other means, they are a good additional tool in your arsenal.

Unlock content that’s outside your region

Many companies put so-called Geo-Blocks on their websites and services. Through these Geo-Blocks, they are trying to regulate the content so it can be in line with local and international copyright legislation and the similar. That means if you live in one region, you may not be able to watch a certain movie on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the like.

By using a VPN, you can rest assured that anything that’s on these streaming services, anywhere in the world, is at the grasp of your hands. This is because VPNs go around these geo-blocks by connecting you to the internet from another region and unblock websites you want. If Netflix doesn’t allow you to stream a movie by default, check from which country is available, and connect through that region via a VPN. Voila! You are now able to watch anything you want!

While you’re there, play with the nodes and then check the prices on your favorite websites!

Private P2P and torrent downloading

Although torrenting software and downloading content are not illegal in itself, using torrents is being frowned upon. Third-party organizations can track your activity on torrent applications and that may lead to certain repercussions.[adsense]

By using a VPN you can safely use torrenting software within your organization, among your friends, or through a community. You can rest assured that while the VPN is on, your activity will be away from unwanted watchful eyes.

Unlock websites while away from home

There can be many reasons why you can’t access your favorite website while you are away from your country or region. IPS of the particular country or region may limit data from the servers you refer to when accessing the websites, different country rules, or the company just wants to protect your product.

VPNs solve these problems by connecting you to your native region. Your device is then recognized as being from your country and not the one you are currently at. The website or other content will be unlocked once you’ve tried to access it again.