Best Budget Gaming Laptop – Reviews and Comparison

For someone who is a hardcore gamer, Gaming Laptop is something we should consider to have. Why? Because, sometimes portability is a necessary factor for LAN party-goers or traveling pros and with the specs today, we can play high-quality games with little to no lag while on the go. Five years ago, we rarely saw people who play PC Gaming on the laptop. Most people are used to play that game on the desktop. Now, the gaming laptop is coming of age. With each new generation of laptops, we are seeing technology breakthrough: dual-core laptops, PCI Express, Sonoma chipset, increased storage, increased RAM, faster CPUs, better battery life and better wireless connections including a cellular modem. All welcome news for gamers and laptop lovers alike.Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Sadly, it isn’t something that you can buy easy. The common price for gaming laptops is expensive. According to, the average price is over $1.000. Therefore, before considering the best gaming laptop, make sure you have or able to save enough money for one. Or, if you are smart enough and known-well about some particular specs for a gaming laptop, you might be able to find the best budget gaming laptop.

To help you getting known-well about what are key gaming factors we should consider before buying gaming laptop so we can find a good deal on it, you can read the following information below.

1. Graphics

Graphics is the first item you should consider when you are buying a gaming laptop. Make sure to check the graphics card. Go with the latest graphics chipset and also check to see if you can upgrade your Graphics Card on particular machine you are thinking about buying (many machines allow this).

2. Memory/RAM

Memory or RAM determines your laptop performance. The more RAM the gaming laptop has the better. If you can, consider buying a gaming laptop that has Video RAM (VRAM), which allows screen updates while the video processor processes new data. In other words, you’ll have better graphics than the ordinary RAM but will have to pay more for the VRAM. Now, the latest model of RAM is DDR 3.

3. Processor

The processor is like a brain on gaming laptops. The newer type of processor, the better result you will get when playing high-graphic PC Gaming on the laptop. So far, we already know that there are two biggest brands of processor right now. First is Intel and the second is AMD. The latest model of Intel Processor is Intel Core i7. Meanwhile, for AMD, AMD A Series Processor 1.5GHz is good enough for playing the game on a laptop.[adsense]

4. Hard Drive (SATA)

In order to prevent freezing during gameplay, you’ll need to have the fastest speed possible for maximum performance. For the hard drive, choose SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Architecture. Some famous brands are Seagate and Maxtor. Serial ATA is 30 times faster than Parallel ATA. The higher RPM is the better (i.e. a 7,200rpm hard drive is faster than a 4,200rpm or 5,400rpm) and usually gives better performance.

5.Display Screen

The last item you should consider is a display screen. For the best experience, the sharpest and brightest display screen is a must. Make sure the resolution and display quality of Laptop can handle the graphics for 3D gaming. There are some words you should know when you are looking for a good monitor (display-screen):

SVGA Resolution: (computer images are made up of dots, the more dots you have, the better and the image) SVGA Resolution is made up of 800 x 600 dots.

Many notebook computers have XGA (1024 by 768 dots) or SXGA (1280 x 1024 dots), this resolution will give a higher quality image. WXGA stands for widescreen XGA.

TFT Active Matrix Display, TFT stands for thin-film transistor and many high-end gaming laptops use (TFT) active matrix liquid crystal display.

So, make sure to consider these: Graphic + Ram + Processor + Hard Drive + Display before you are buying a gaming laptop. If this post helps you a bit, you can also read “benefits of desk monitor mount

How much RAM you want to have on your gaming laptop?