A FREE Helper to Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services from One Place

All of the cloud storage services enable you to store content in cloud and give you access to manage the cloud files and folders. For instance, you are available to upload or download content from cloud, or delete the unwanted files or folders in cloud. But for those who have more than one cloud, you have to log in to different cloud platforms for many times to finish the whole thing. Thanks to AnyTrans for Cloud, now you can manage multiple cloud storage services from one place, with one single login.AnyTrans

Highlights of AnyTrans for Cloud

AnyTrans for Cloud is a multi-cloud management program that integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Box and more major cloud storage services.AnyTrans (2)

1. Cloud Management
AnyTrans for Cloud enables you to access and manage your multiple clouds from one place, with one single login. So, you don’t have to log in every cloud platform every time when you need to manage your clouds.

2. Data Transfer
Multi-threading technology lets you transfer files and folders between cloud and computer in fast speed. Uploading content to cloud or downloading content from cloud proves to be time-saving.[adsense]AnyTrans

Besides, AnyTrans for Cloud allows you to transfer files and folders between clouds directly. All you need to do is just a simple click, saving your much effort.

3. File Sharing
With AnyTrans for Cloud, you can share cloud content with others via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. All sharing records will be kept in AnyTrans for Cloud; convenient to manage especially when you want to cancel the sharing link.

4. 100% Safe and Security
From the very first second you log in to AnyTrans for Cloud, you are protected with the most advanced and unbreakable security technologies. Your cloud documents and files are 100% safe, secure and confidential.


More and more people nowadays own at least one cloud. To help you manage multiple cloud storage services, AnyTrans for Cloud is here for help. The program puts together Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Box and more major cloud storage services in one place. So, the management of all your clouds can be finished in a smart and convenient way. Sign up AnyTrans to get more info about how to manage your cloud drives as well as your iPhone/Android.