How to Reset Your Android Phone or Tablets Securely

Are you selling your Android phone or tablet? So remember that before you must delete your data mandatory. Fortunately Android phones have features that can help you clear your personal information, applications and other content. That’s why the phone goes back to exactly what the way the company got out of the factory. Let’s tell you this way so that you do not have to face any problems with the data after selling the phone.Reset Your Android Phone or Tablets┬áIn order to clear Android phones or tablets, first you have to encrypt the data on the device, so that if anybody attempts to recover the phone data in some way, then it will fail. Because the encryption ensures that the information is not available is a readable.
Go to your phone “Settings” for it.Tap “Security” and enter “Encrypt Phone” here. If your device is not fully charged, or is not on charging, you will be given a message to charge the phone for this work. Now you need to charge the device 100%, and then click on this button to encrypt the phone.Security Option[adsense]After doing this, go back to “Settings” and then go to “Backup & Reset”. There will be “Factory data reset, tap it. The incoming screen will tell you which data will be erased. Now press the button to reset the phone or tablet. Shortly your device will be cleared and will return to the factory condition.
Backup & Reset Option