Upcoming 3 Screens Laptop will Accelerate the Beats of Gamers

Razor’s company introduced a new laptop called Project Valerie, which contains three screens together. Laptop screen left and right two additional screens can make it possible to see 180 angles. In terms of graphics hardware that is so spectacular, especially those who play video games are stunned by this laptop. This laptop has a total of three screens of 17 inches that are so thin that its total weight is only eleven pounds. Three Screens Laptop

These screens are 4K IGZO display, that (NVIDIA G-Sync) is equipped with the monitor technology, the screen view is robust.. The preparation of this laptop NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card, 8 GB of video RAM, system RAM, 32 Gigs and the system has been used (vapor-chamber) to keep cool. Much stronger hardware and display the three screens, laptops are energy needs fully, it would have to be required to use to continue charging AC adapter permanently laptop, otherwise its battery will end in 14 seconds. When it comes to the market, the estimated cost that it would be more than US $ 6000.[adsense]

For more features of this excellent laptop do not forget to see this video.