Pakistan’s First Online Institute for Religious and Contemporary Education

IIsra (Institute of Intellectual Studies and Religious Affairs) is a nonprofit education and research organization, which aims to promote religious and contemporary education. This company, founded by Mr. Mohammad Mubashir Nazir in 2008 and introduced the first global Islamic Studies and free online courses in social sciences, which gained significant and extraordinary popularity. The further development of the organization, has become as the Islamic Studies Program (ISP) at 22 November 2012.IIsra

To further expand the company’s objectives, the ISP now Institute of Intellectual Studies and Religious Affairs IISRA’s name has been formed as a unique academic institution. There are various free short courses, including diploma and advanced level programs, students can receive teaching from the internet with the help of advanced online learning management system. Students can download educational content from the specific online classroom and also upload assignments and answers.[adsense]

The number of registered students at the Institute around 2000, belong to different regions of the world. Institute faculty members include scholars and Muftis, doctors, PhD, MPhil and postgraduate teachers, scholars learned from the speech on the occasion, experienced professors, authors and other experts qualified people. Their aim is to contribute to the process according to his ability and qualifications to be Allah a good man and a Muslim.Institute of Intellectual Studies and Religious Affairs

IISRA’s goal of an established educational empire, whose purpose is to provide society such high religious and community leaders and righteous people through education and training, that positive, moderate and all kinds sectarianism and above religion and world view offline service have a strong passion. More information about IIsra and to get free admission in various educational programs. click here