Flip Page Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem by Zahid Malik

Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem written by Mr. Zahid Malik, to present a comprehensive survey of several themes with which the Quran deals. It is very difficult to discover a particular verse in the Quran. This book will make it possible for a studies scholar to get at all the relevant verses of the Quran connected with a specific topic topic, and wherever possible to support them by cross reference to the literature on Hadith.Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem by Zahid Malik

I have created and compiled In Flip Pages, you can feel better during studying it instead of PDF or other sources. No need to install Adobe Reader, Flash player or any other application. Compatible for all Microsoft windows xp, vista, windows 7 and 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem by Zahid Malik (2)Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem by Zahid Malik (3)

Main Features and Requirements:[adsense]

1- Select Enable Full screen button for Full screen mode.
2- Just scroll arrow keys or mouse pointer to change next and back the pages.
3- Zoom ( up to 2000 Pix) option give you more reality to read this book.
4- Select Enable Full screen button for Full screen mode.
5- With “Sound On” option you can on or off sound.
6- For automatic page flipping use “Auto Flip” option.Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem by Zahid Malik (4)Mazameen-e-Quran-e- Hakeem by Zahid Malik (5)

Created in one file (Portable), so do not need to install. It is a complete book which has 800 Pages and size is 218 MB. If you like then share with others and leave comments.

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