BitStarMarkets Is One Of The Leading Online Brokers


BitStarMarkets is frequently called one of the leading online brokers due to its striking offers. Ever heard of it? Keep reading and find out if BitStarMarkets is your cup of tea in trading.

Few questions before going directly to BitStarMarkets:

• Does customer care matter for you?

• Are you interested in fee-free trades?

• Does your strategy involve any other interests than margins?

If your answer is Yes to all the following questions, opening a  BitStarMarkets account will be a perfect option.

Wonder why?

BitStarMarkets cares about its customers. They have one of the largest networks of customer support. Which makes it a great option for traders interested in personalized customer service.

• No transaction fees, and no fees to buy ETFs. BitStarMarkets is an attractive option for investors who get fed up with commissions paid for every step.

• We don’t recommend using margin as a central part of your investment strategy.  BitStarMarkets’s margin rates are higher than other brokers. Moreover, large margins can be expensive. With a modest average daily balance of $ 5,000, it can cost $ 475 per person. So investors who mainly focus on margin may be better off with another broker.

 Fees You Must Be Aware of

Brokers come up with long and time-consuming fee information that you should study before opening an account. We have done that job for you. Spoiler: there is nothing surprising but there are some unique features you need to know.

• ATM Fees Refunds

A lot of financial specialists recommend linking your debit card to their brokerage account, but nobody likes the expenses involved.  BitStarMarkets has a very customer-friendly policy on debit cards as it reimburses clients for all ATM fees charged by other banks’ ATMs. The refunds are unlimited. Whether you use your card daily or once a decade, you won’t pay an ATM fee.

• Paper Statement Fee

Brokers don’t like to send reports via the mail.

Account-holders whose financial records are less than $ 10,000 will be charged $ 2 per paper statement. Trading Platform traders who are looking for an efficient trading platform will not be disappointed with  BitStarMarkets’s offering as their site, desktop and mobile platforms make placing commerce easy. Its web platform is designed with fundamental investors in mind, offering real-time quotes, personalized alerts, and filters to quickly evaluate the marketplace based on crucial and technical parameters, the highly-rated desktop platform is admired by active dealers who could do with features like backtesting, level -II prices and a visualization of the anticipated profit or loss of a position. The  BitStarMarkets mobile platform is also not far behind, offering Tier II quotes, conditional orders, and even complex options trading on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

BitStarMarkets has applications for all mobile users. It doesn’t matter whether you choose iOS, Android, or Windows platforms. You can navigate the BitStarMarkets website from your favorite devices to work from a smaller screen anywhere you want.

Customer Care and Service

BitStarMarkets takes no shortcuts when it comes to customer support.

The only thing BitStarMarkets is a real office where you can come during working hours and complain about any issues related to your account. But what they offer is even better. 24/7 phone support in addition to email and SMS. Plus you can get answers to your questions through Facebook Messenger and Twitter.