5 Ways to Get Better at Rainbow Six Siege


A tactical shooter video game that has off-the-charts popularity amidst avid gamers, Rainbow Six Siege can be a tough cookie to master. But with the right strategies and some cool tips, you can ace the game quickly.

Make sure you go through each and every tip below carefully before your next gaming session. For quicker progress, check out some Rainbow Six Siege cheats too.


Hit the tutorials

Even before you start, there is something you can do to improve your Rainbow Six Siege performance dramatically. What you have to do is collect all your attention and focus it on the tutorials.

The developers have infused the game with three tutorials that will guide you with a fundamental yet utterly useful overview of the game components. But the benefit of watching a tutorial doesn’t end there. Each tutorial will offer you 200 renown, which means you can comfortably begin your game with sufficient money to spend on new weapons and armor.

For even more mastery of the game, do not forget to explore the “situations” feature. Here, the game’s main features and realistic practice of maps will prepare you significantly for your first match.

Sound matters more than you know

While pro gamers already know this, as a newbie, too, you must not underestimate the value of sound in first-person shooter games like Rainbow Six Siege. In this game, sound can be your best friend, if used well.

A unique aspect of Siege is that it lets you understand how close your opponents are, in what fashion they are approaching you, and where they are moving, just by the sounds. Paying close attention here can make you win your games in a flash because while the enemy thinks you are too busy, you already know they are approaching you.

However, be careful if you are planning to attack, because there is a considerable chance that your enemy can hear you just like you heard them.

Maps – your trusted friends

You can’t know your enemy’s planned attacks. Sometimes, even the weapons you have might not be of your choice. But if there’s one thing you can be sure about, it’s the Siege Maps.

Rainbox Six Siege isn’t very different from other shooter games in this regard – if you know the maps of the game like the back of your hand, you are already a step ahead of your opponent. Before every game, make sure to study and revise the maps carefully.

Going through tutorials or gameplay videos also doesn’t hurt if you try to study a new map. The ultimate objective for you is to win and to do that, you must be completely aware of the surroundings you are in.

Settings to save the day

Never, and we mean never, underestimate the number of advantages the right game settings can bring you in any game. Rainbow Six Siege, too, comes with certain precious settings that will change your gameplay by miles if paid proper attention to.

Before you get on with the game, make sure you activate the Advanced Gadget Deployment settings on your game. Another crucial setting to adjust well is the game sensitivity. Depending on how sensitive you want your gameplay to be, change the settings before you begin playing. Make sure to experiment with different sensitivity ranges to settle into a comfortable one.

Aim sensitivity is also something you should explore, even if you are using an analog controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. Just make sure you have perfect control over your aim, and you are bound to win far more games than even you imagined.[adsense]

Go slow and distract

For your benefit, we have clubbed these two Rainbow Siege Six tips into one. But pay equal attention to both.

Unless you are an absolute pro at Siege, going slow won’t hurt you. In fact, Siege is a slow game by nature, and with the right strategies, going slow can actually help you. Walking slowly makes less noise, and you have a chance to remain out of sight for long.