Windows 8 Is Microsoft’s Upcoming Operating System For PC & Tablet

Windows 8 is different and it works in a different way. Windows 8 work just as well on a tablet or thin and light laptops as it does on a super powered workstation. Its interface that’s suited to both touch and mouse and keyboard input. So windows 8 PC will be the most power full and fast portable windows computer ever. Simply windows 8 is a most significant upgrade to Microsoft’s operating system since windows 95.

30 amazing Features of Windows 8:

  1. Start Screen, Semantic Zoom and Live Tiles.
  2. Windows Store.
  3. Internet Explorer 10.
  4. Connected Standby.
  5. Device Encryption.
  6. Microsoft Account.
  7. Updated Windows Explorer.
  8. Desktop Software.
  9. Windows Defender.
  10. Smart Screen.
  11. Windows Update.
  12. Enhanced Task Manager.
  13. Multiple Monitor Support.
  14. Storage Spaces.
  15. Languages Packs.
  16. Windows Media Player 12.
  17. File History.
  18. Exchange ActiveSynce.
  19. ISO and Vhd mount.
  20. Picture Password.
  21. Mobile Broadband Features.
  22. Remote Desktop Clint.
  23. Reset and refresh your PC.
  24. Touch and Thumb Keyboard.
  25. Boot from VHD.
  26. Bitlocker and Bitlocker to go.
  27. Remote Desktop host.
  28. Group Policy.
  29. Encrypting File System.
  30. Include apps ( Mail, Calendar, People, Photos, Messaging, Skydrive, Music, Video, Play to, Snap and Reader ).