Thinnest Wristwatch In The World Has Weight Less Than Twelve Grams

CST-01 is the world’s thinnest wristwatch CST-01 has been designed to resemble thin bangles. There are only 0.5 mm thin and less then 12 grams. Make a single piece of fine stainless steel. Because of the comfort, weight and thinness, can be sized to fit the wearer’s wrist sizes. If we didn’t want to keep looking at it, we would forget we were wearing it.

The front panel display technology like E-Ink electronic paper Knicks. Low-power battery Micro Energy Cell (MEC) After charging the battery lasting only 10 minutes, it can last up to one month. Available now in only two colors, black, white and priced at $ 129.[adsense]

Thinnest Wristwatch In The World

world's thinnest wristwatch