University Students Made The Car Who Runs Sunlight And Electricity

Sir Syed University of Science and technology Karachi driven by students sunlight and electricity made the car, which can be run at night too. Students that make solar energy on a large scale fuel the cars will help save the environment will have a negative effect. Final semester students Rahman Khan, Fahad Iqbal, Aamir Iqbal, Mohammad Farooq, Sajjad Jafri and Mohammad Owais Qureshi University ask about this car that made the monitoring of Lecturer Muhammad Noman Siddiqui.
sunlight car

This car cost only one hundred and fifty thousand rupees have, in addition to car factories and long distance passenger and cargo airport transportation from one place to other place can also be used. GPRS system was installed in the car, so that sit anywhere in the world via computer could run.[adsense]

sunlight car (2)