SGP Technologies Company Introduced The Safest Mobile Phone In The World

Message on your mobile phone, calls are recorded and used internet history, every time they come into the eyes of others. But the invention of “Blackphone” named mobile phone has all are over these worries. Because it keeps all your data and its secret spying is impossible. The SGP Technologies company claims that this phone call is the safest in the world. When sending SMS and email it turns encrypt data and stored all kinds of spying.SGP Technologies[adsense]WI-Fi is available on this phone for security and any place while using WI-Fi cannot steal your data. If, God forbid, the phone goes into the wrong hands then you can control it, and can Explode it by pressing a button. Blackburn has a 4.7 inch screen, 8 megapixel camera and memory are 16GB. This mobile phone is available on the market and Its current price of $ 629 (approximately 62900 Pakistani rupees).