Read Online Flip Page Farhang-e-Talaffuz by Shan ul Haq Haqqi

Farhang-e-Talaffuz by Shan UL Haq Haqqi is a comprehensive language of the Urdu language, which includes meaningful the words of word, is also attributed to the original pronunciation, as well as through words. Institutional promotion National language has been presented free of cost to the interested public on its website. In this french pronunciation, the words and phrases of each word can be viewed by letters.Farhang-e-Talaffuz by Shan ul Haq Haqqi Unfortunately, this sequel is in Image Urdu instead of Unicode Urdu and it has been published on a web site as a flash file. Because of which it is a difficult and hard work to find words in it. It is also difficult to read in Urdu due to the posting of Urdu.[adsense]

Read online Farhang-e-Talaffuz by Shan ul Haq Haqqi:

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