Medical Science Proved That Pray Is A Complete Body Tonic

Medical science has proven the glorious benefits of prayer. Now European medical schools and colleges are  teaching courses on religious and spiritual values including the benefits of prayer. According to medical research five time a day prayer has positive results for the sick.  When a person prays to that external power there is a feeling of self-content and satisfaction. This is the power that resides in a prayer can heals not only our mind and body but also cleanses our soul.


Benefits In Performing Pray:

Niyyat : Very helpful to keep neck,shoulder and arm muscles.
Human Mind : At rest when praying in tongues.
Long Sajda : No heart problem, Increase eye sight, Brain work and face beauty.
Ruku with straight legs : No knee/joints problem.
Straight standing after ruku : No backbone problem.
Muslim pray : Improves digestive system

May God bless every Muslim to offer to pray five times a day.