Get Fire Action Control From Your Computer By Using ZenKEY

ZenKEY is an useful utility provide you to fire action control of your computer via keystrokes. In configuration setting of the program you can create menus, each containing item which perform “actions.” You can fire launch these actions by clicking on the item or pressing a key-combination. Using this utility now you never waist your precious time positioning the mouse and you to do things without switching between programs or windows.ZenKEY


Main Features:

* Launch a program or bring it back into focus.
* Access hidden Windows utilities.
* Move, resize or change the properties of a window.
* Open a document, folder or Internet resource.
* Minimize or maximize a window.
* Start your screensaver or shutdown your computer.
* Display any menu at the mouse pointer.
* Resize, move or alter a window.
* Move windows or your desktop over an infinite desktop area.
* Perform an instant Internet search and open your browser with the results.
* Replace any window with an ‘Icon’ showing CPU and memory usage.
* Control Winamp or compatible media players such as Foobar.
* Supported all Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista, windows 7 and 8

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