Increase visiting and submit your site to all search engines

You can do own very simply to submit your site to Google.
For this purpose first you open bellow link:
Enter your website URL and fill the captcha then click enter.
Very quickly  your site has been submitted to Google crawling list, and it will crawl it, ASAP.
If you want to submit your all page links to Google then you need such as below tool.all-search-engines
Go through the above link and download the sitemap generator for free and
upload it to your cpanel Web hosting provider,now extract it to a folder and do the following changes to the files,
Make the following files writable (chmod 0666)
/sitemap.xml (- or /sitemap.xml.gz for compressed sitemap)
/sitemap.txt (if you would like to write txt sitemaps files)
settings/ (to store your settings)
settings/[adsense]Now open the folder and select the desired settings start scan and  click on

“create files” and then submit sitemap to search engines.
Now sitemap generator will create few files, i.e. sitemap.xml, sitemap.txt, sitemap.rss,
sitemap.html, and will submit it to Google, yahoo and bing, for crawling, and search engines,
will crawl your site within 24-48 hours.
It is very simple and you will get listed to search engines very quickly.
If you want to submit your site to all search engines at one click:-
then open below link:

Put your site url and hit enter,now it will ask you for some details then give details. It will send you email ,you can confirm in every email and all done. Now your website submitted to all search engines very well to crawl.