Ways to Grow Your Blogging Business like a Startup

Ways to Grow Your Blogging Business like a Startup

If you are eager to start your business blogging career, then a platform for business blogging must be your concern. There must be a reliable platform where you can post your business blogs and get a response from your audience. There are multiple platforms available for business blogging. Some platforms are paid while others are unpaid. Most of the time, beginners go for free platforms, but that is not a wise choice. If you want to make your career in business blogging and earn money, you should go for paid platforms for business blogging.Free blogging platforms are right, but there are certain limitations associated with such platforms. We shall discuss some of the standard limitation associated with every free blogging platform:

Customization options:

There are very few customization options available on free platforms. You cannot do the desired settings with it.


While working on free platforms, you shall get an unprofessional vibe. Even the interfaces of such platforms are not professionally designed.


Free blogging platforms tend to have very few monetization potentials. Hence there is not much audience attracted to free platforms.

Violation of rule:

Violation of rule (intentional or unintentional) leads to the loss of your entire content.


Ownership of your blog belongs to the free blogging platform.

Therefore, in order to make a career in business blogging, you should consider paid platforms, which are beneficial compared to free blogging platforms.

Features of paid platforms: –


Generally, paid platforms are stable, reliable, and easy to use without facing any difficulty.


You can design the blog according to your own interest. There are maximum features available for the customization of your blog.

Technical support:

Most of the professional in the business community are using the paid platforms for blogging. You can quickly get technical support in case of any issue.


You can easily change the formats of your blog.


Paid platforms do have monetization potential. If you are writing a blog on a salt lamp, you can easily promote the Himalayan Salt Lamp in your content.

Blogging is all about passion. If you want to write a business blog, there should be a driving force behind it. Of course, there must be a passion for business, but many other factors play a vital role in writing a business blog. Other reasons include:

  • Drive for making money and career
  • Develop a community of business persons around
  • To become an influencer in the business industry.
  • To get exclusive access to new businesses before their release.
  • To attend business-related conferences and events.

If above all reasons your drive, you are good to go for writing a blog. Here we shall mention a few of the steps to start a business blog.

Focus of writing:

Before writing a blog, ask these questions in your mind.[adsense]

  • What is the purpose of writing this blog?
  • What is the central theme of the blog?

These questions will set your focus in an organized pattern. When you decide the direction of your blog, your ideas become streamlined. All the irrelevant things get away from the mind. Decide about the particular business you want to write about, keeping in view the readers of your blog. Choose one specific niche and collect full information about that. You can hire blog post writing service as well, but make sure to test the writers before hiring them.

Blogging platform:

To develop your business blog, choose a particular platform on which you want to build your business blog. There are diverse options available, ranging from free to paid forums. Mostly, beginners choose the free platforms. But if you want to make money out of your blog, it is recommended to go for a paid platform. It is because free platforms put many limitations, and it becomes harder for a beginner to write over it.

Domain name:

The domain name is the address on the internet through which the user accesses your blog. Choose the domain name as exactly your blog name. It avoids confusion, and visitors can easily access your blog. After deciding about the domain name, the next step is to buy the domain to serve as a host to your blog.


It is alright to make mistakes in the beginning. Learn from your mistakes and write fresh content with a new spirit. Do not get demotivated by your mistakes. No one is perfect. Always remember, even the finest bloggers have made mistakes, and they still make mistakes. Your mistakes must serve as a driving force to do better next time.


The audience matters the most. Identify the audience of your blog and check which platform is being most visited by the people. Put your blog on the site, which is frequently seen by your audience.

Content ecosystem:

The content ecosystem implies that your content must be linked to the previous blog on the website. So it is recommended to create a web of inter-related content to gauge the audience.You might also want to try collaborating with influencers to help you market your brand more effectively. However, it can take forever to find relevant and trusting influencers. If you find it hard to source influencers yourself, check this guide to influencer networks.

On-page SEO:

Nowadays, a content writer has to be an SEO expert. At least the writer should know how to optimize the content published on the website.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is a useful tool to bring more audience to your website in order to read the blog. So employ email marketing for the promotion of your blog.

Co-host webinars:

A webinar is an effective tool you can use for the growth of your blog. Engage with a knowledgeable audience and collaborate with professionals or a well-known brand in order to organize a webinar.

Slide share:

Slide share brings maximum traffic to your blog. So it is recommended to make a slide share of your blog.

Blogger Community: 

Interact with the people who are for several years in the blogging industry. Learn from the techniques to write and promote a blog. Keep meeting the people from the blogger community. You will earn a lot from such professionals.


You can give an interview on podcasts in order to get recognition for the promotion of your blog.