What is Blogging and How to Make a Free Blog

The blog has two English words written together with the web and logs, which are used for websites, which are kept in date for the information. The word “weblog” was used by Jorn Barger for the first time in 1997, running web logs named robotwisdom.com. Then, the words ‘blog’ by Peter Merholz, in the comedy style, broke the word “web log” as we used to blog, and then the word “blog” became famous. The site called Xanga, which is a big name in blogging, had only one hundred blogs during 1998, but had crossed twenty million till 2005. After all, many other blog hosting tools came to the field and blogging became very popular. First time  blogging introduced to users to comment on any blog that was very successful.How to Make a Free Blog The LiveJournal was another free and popular blogging service that facilitates creating private journals, blogs, discussion forums and social networking sites. Since 1999, there had been more than one million blogs and communities. On the LiveJournal you had been able to post blogs to your mobile phone. For a couple of years ago, blogs contained only a memorandum, but now blogging is not limited to the writings, but also the scope of photography, sketch blog, video blog, music blog, It’s widespread, and now all have become a big part of the Internet.
Blogging is definitely most important activity on the Internet. Millions of people write their blogs or read the blogs of others and it’s going on spreading the internet like a madness. Due to hundreds of blogging tools, this task is easy. Additionally, blogging also gets a great boost using different devices. “Google Blogger”, which is probably the biggest center of blogging that where you create contacts from a source and the most important news comes out, the store reservation and your personal views. Many companies encourage employees to write blogs. Microsoft’s hundreds of employees regularly write blogs. This is the case of other important companies whose employees guide their readers by describing their important experiences and observations in their blogs.
The blogs have become so famous that now they have become a source of money. There is probably a famous blog that you can see from advertising. The people’s blog reading trend is more than writing blogs. Therefore, sometimes it has been observed that there are more viewers of a specific blog on this site than in the entire web site. That’s why advertising has taken advantage of their reputation by putting ads on such blogs. While advertising with Google Adsense, you look at almost every small blog.[adsense]

How to create a blog?

Blogs can be made in two ways. First, either register your blog by registering a blog hosting provider’s website. The other way is to buy your domain and web hosting and then make your blog by installing a blogging tool on the web site.

Google blogger:Blogger

Google blogger or blog spot at the earliest of the famous blog hosting providers. It would also be interesting to read that Google had bought blogger in front of the growing popularity of blogs. Blogger is a very popular service. It offers many free templates for blogs that can be changed according to their needs. If you also want to make your free blog on Blogger, visit Blogger’s website: www.blogger.com


WordPress is another very popular service and is currently counted in popular blogging services in the blogging world. With its most charming themes and plugins, you can get your site from blog to any news site or any other format. WordPress also chooses two types of blogging like Movable Type. WordPress biggest beauty is its flexible structure. WordPress can be freely shaped in every written language of the world. WordPress Blogging Tool is built in PHP, an independent software program, which can be installed on any web site. If you want to make your website, blog, WordPress should be your first choice. Due to the built-in PHP, the Windows and Linux can be run on both hosting. www.wordpress.com

Movable Type:Moveable Type

Movable Type is also a popular blogging service. At the beginning, the movable type service was free, But after getting popularity later, his fee was fixed. Movable offers two types of blogging options. First make your blog on the Movable Type site, and second install its software on your site. You will have to pay a fee if you create blogs on a movable type site. Movable Type was the most popular blogging service until 2002, but after the set of fees, this field was hit by WordPress. BBC Urdu blogs contain the same service. www.movabletype.com