How to Increase the Speed of Your WordPress Website More Faster

WordPress is a popular blogging tool, but due to its flexible structure, it is not just for blogging, but it will help you create all sorts of websites. Whether any ordinary blog, news site or an online store, it is the best way to completion will be using WordPress. Many beautiful free themes for WordPress, the most useful plug-ins and widgets also played a role in its popularity. If you’re using WordPress, and increasing the loading time of your site, or admin panel is becoming extremely slow opening, it is necessary to optimize WordPress. Let us tell you about some great WordPress Plugins available, while using can be improved and faster WordPress website.


It is very interesting plugin, which showed his magic into your WordPress website to make it lightweight. It takes very little time on the web site. The plugin is using the web site, collect all the scripts and styles not only make short turns, but they also compress them. This web page is loaded easily in the user’s Web browser from your server, to make it easier to load the web page. It is transferred to the page styles in (Head) and the scripts in the (Footer). So the web page weight is reduced and opens quickly.

It includes expired header of the web page, so that browsers could website, its cache and open up the web page. In addition, to further improve web site performance like this cache plug-ins that (WP Super Cache) and also has complete support (HyperCache). So, given the full attention that this plugin to load websites quickly. Download Free Autoptimize Plugin for WordPress[adsense]

BJ Lazy Load:

Many things come into the web programming world, who provided very easily open the websites. One such thing is going on today that says (Lazy Load). Actually, it is loaded under the site need. That is a long web page is not the same, but waiting for the user to scroll. If the viewer can close the web page without seeing the whole page, then no need to open full web site. Specifically, in the images, websites this method proved to be highly efficient and useful to save bandwidth. If you want to use ‘Lazy Load’ feature on your WordPress website can use (BJ Lazy Load). This plugin is transferred to all websites, photos, posts, thumbnails, graviator images and other content change into Placeholder.

The good thing is that the embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, etc., also has widgets and IT support frames. In addition, it can also be used with the Responsive Images RICG plugin. This requirement would change the size of the image automatically. For example, if the user you are viewing the website on a desktop, it increases the length and width of the image. If looking at smart phone, the picture shows the small accordingly. So, site attractions are intact. Download Free BJ Lazy Load Plugin for WordPress