Source Alleges Chris Appleton and Luke Gage Divorce Was Caused by Infidelity

The sudden separation of Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage stunned fans, but a source has hinted that there is more to the tale.

A source exclusively tells Us Weekly, “Chris Appleton Kids found out over the weekend that Lukas Gage had cheated on him.” “That’s why Chris Appleton Kids filed for the divorce.” “They were never in an open relationship,” the person continues.

Another person with knowledge of the matter refutes the accusation, telling Us that Lukas Gage did not have an affair or cheat on Chris Appleton. The second insider claims that there has been a cordial breakup. Us revealed that Chris Appleton, 40, filed for divorce from Lukas Gage, 28, on Monday, November 13. The pair had been separated for six months. Us was able to obtain court paperwork stating that Chris Appleton Kids gave the cause for the split as irreconcilable disagreements.

The couple’s split date was November 10, which was one day after The Kardashians on Hulu highlighted Chris Appleton age and Lukas Gage’s wedding. During the episode broadcast on November 9, viewers witnessed Kim Kardashian perform at the couple’s wedding. Prior to exchanging vows, the forty-three-year-old inventor of Skims gave Chris Appleton age some wise words of wisdom regarding marriage.

She informed the hairdresser, “Wait, you have to get a prenup,” then referenced her ex-husband Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger.” “Prenuptial agreement, please.”

While Chris Appleton Kids styled Kardashian’s hair, the reality TV star spoke with Lukas Gage via FaceTime.

“May I just offer you one piece of legal advice? She said to Lukas Gage, “Prenup.” “Just really general; I might even be able to write it for you guys.”

Us verified that the ex-couple had signed a postnuptial agreement on May 3.

Rumours of a romance between Chris Appleton age and Lukas Gage originally surfaced earlier this year. In their separate interviews, the couple expressed their love for one another, confirming their relationship in March.

“I’m incredibly joyful, extremely fortunate, and deeply in love. At the time, Lukas Gage stated on the Today show, “He’s a good-looking man.” Something about being in London appeals to me. I believe I had a taste of British culture.

In April, the couple tied the knot at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Chris Appleton age shared pictures from the occasion on Instagram with the caption, “We did it 💍.” Kardashian wore a black dress to the wedding, while Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage wore matching black fur jackets.

“This is not where they wanted this to end up,” a different insider told Us following the announcement of their divorce. For both of them to reach a point where they can put this behind them and go on with their lives will take time.