How To Optimize Your Profile, Website And Blog Worldwide In Best Way

Your aim in optimizing yourself is to ensure that your profiles, your blog, and the rest of your online professional presence shows up high in the search results when a prospective employer search for your name. Because you’ve taken the time to create impressive web content, you are better positioned to be an attractive candidate to these employers. Your profiles to your blog and vice versa is also part of optimizing. The name of your profiles and your blog has weight, and that helps it achieve a higher ranking.


First create your LinkedIn Profile in
Customize the URL of your public profile on the Edit My Profile page.
Promote your LinkedIn profile with a personalized “View My LinkedIn Profile” button linking to your profile.
You can find the button under Edit Profile on LinkedIn.
Add the button to your blog and to your website, if you have one.
Use your name as often as possible: in titles, content, and links.
Include your area of expertise as often as possible in your blog posts.
If you have a personal website, make sure that you include links to your profiles and your blogs.