Microsoft Old Logo Was Just Like 3D Look But The New Is Flat Interface

Everyone know Microsoft Windows 8 will be available for public on Oct 26th 2012, In these days people are using illegal windows 8 professional and corporate copies with force registration methods, like patches and cracks. It is not good way and cause your computer harm with Malwares and Spywares come with these sources. Some days ago I saw  Microsoft had changed his company logo, and the new logo is concept to match Windows 8 and simplistic version is kind a simple. Microsoft might be leading in many fields of computing but I think the new logo is the old one but ironed out so that it looks more like Windows 8 interface. Given that this interface is expected to kill off Windows on the desktop, this might be not the best idea for the software giant.Microsoft-new-logo

The logo or corporate image are very important for marketing, and changing a logo lead too many different parts of a company arguing about something subjective. Microsoft old logo was just like 3D look but new logo fate interface and has two components, the logotype and the symbol. They are using the Sego font. The symbol’s squares of color are supposed to express Microsoft’s diverse portfolio of products. The colors remains the same, but instead of them beings displayed as a flag, they are shown flat and the square is a symbol of stability, as the company isn’t supposed to go anywhere. Main part of his explanation involved the fact that the square was repeated four times and two of the squares were on top of each other, which meant that they couldn’t move at all. Simply the symbol suggests a large flat and most of expert’s point of view that its several divisions with a weak and ineffective leadership.