Get Reward Equal to All Muslims Worship of Day

Once Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique was sitting beside of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him), suddenly a man came there. The man prays for both of them and after a while he went out from there. In the meantime, Hazrat Abu Bakar was judging the facial expressions of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Next moment, he put a question in front of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) regarding happiness expressions.Get Reward Equal to All MuslimsHazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) replied that he is the man (the man visited) who get rewarded as equal of worship of all the Muslims performed just in a single day. In response, Hazrat Abu baker asked that how it could be possible? Which process makes it possible that he got all the reward equals to Muslims one day worship?[adsense]HazratMuhammad (Peace be upon him) replied with a unique smile that he recite the following Darood Sharif only Ten Times in the morning daily. As a result, Allah Almighty has rewarded him.
(This was taken from Ibn-e-Maja)

Darood Sharif Worship according to above Reference:

According to aforesaid Hadees Mubarika, if the same process will be performed in a day, then realize how many millions of blessings would you get? The Muslims through all over the world are worshiping of ALLAH Almighty and already getting more than 70% against their each good. If you recite said Darood Sharif ten times after Fajir prayer, then all rewarding will be part of your good book. You cannot count the real number of blessings.