Get Digits of Your Name Or Date Of Birth and Resolved All Problems

Although, Man has got several kinds of services according to his need in this century, however, still he had yet been failed to feel real happiness in his life. If we take a review on the survey report regarding people’s personal lives, who has achieved the goal to earn millions of dollars, we found the number of satisfied people in the majority. On the other hand, remaining millions whom life are disturbed by different factors found in the majority. Get Digits of Your Name Or Date Of Birth

Moreover, the number of people who make connections with ALLAH Almighty has fully satisfied with their life. A number of people recite the names of ALLAH Almighty daily for the safe – siding of their family or better effect on their income. I have tell you that the digit regarding your name or date of birth with the help of knowledge of NUMBEROLOGY . With the help of this method, you can get real happiness with surety. We recommend you to try this process once. After reciting of the same, you would definitely be praying for us.

The method is very simple. Just find the digit according to your name OR birth. Method of finding digit describes bellow. Now find the same digit with Characteristic names of ALLAH Almighty. Match digits, according to your name with ALLAH Almighty names. Find the same matching name of ALLAH Almighty. Recite the same after every prayer. The said name will definitely bring changing in your life.

For example, someone has named Abdul Azeez. The digit for Abdul Azeez is 201. Similarly, “YA NAFIO” which is the characteristic name of ALLAH Almighty have the digit 201. The persons whom name is Abdul Azeez should recite “Ya Nafio” after every prayer in daily routine.[adsense]

How To Get Didits of Your Name Or Date Of Birth:

After reading above, you may want to know about the procedure regarding finding digitisation according with respect to your name or with respect to your date of birth in the light of the number-ology knowledge. For this purpose,  you may have the knowledge about code digits representing each alphabet separately. These digit codes are shown in the image shown below. After knowing about these digit codes, find out the digit now.

To find out the digit using following two methods;
1- Digits with respect to your name.
2- Digits with respect to your date of birth.

Here we only talk about first method which is finding digit with respect to your name:

For this purpose, we have an example her for our viewers. Let we want to know the digit for the name of ALI, just see the table as shown in the image and count these alphabets separately each word and add all of them. For example A=20, L=50, I=4, Add all digits now. 20+50+4=74. Now see the any name of ALLAH Almighty, which digit is also equal to 74. If 74 never comes from any name, then add two names. Then recite these both names of ALLAH Almighty after every prayer. Otherwise recite the single name. If you recite the names of ALLAH Almighty with true spirits, and do it as a routine, then this practice definitely brings a tremendous change in your life. You would be amazed that where the money comes to you. All of your problems solved automatically.