Vitamin K-Medical Treatment Vitamin Supplements And Good Natural Food Sources

Vitamin-K is known as the clotting vitamin, because without it blood would not clot. Some studies suggest that it helps maintain strong bones in the elderly. Menadiol sodium phosphate is a form of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for proper blood clotting in the body. Menadiol sodium phosphate is given to people who have certain types of blood clotting problems to help their blood to clot properly. If you like share it and comment below.Vitamin K in PakistanDeficiency symptoms of Vitamin K manifest as decreased clotting, nosebleeds, increased blood pressure, hemorrhages, and diarrhea.

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Source Naturals Vitamin -K … 500 mcg – 200 Tablets:
Suggested Use: 1 tablet daily, preferably with a meal.

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Vitamin- K Resource in Pakistan:[adsense]

A sample of phytomenadione (vitamin K1) for injection. It is also called phylloquinone.
Phylloquinone; K1; Menaquinone; K2; Menadione; K3

1- Vitamin-K: (Acetomenaphthone), Tablets Acetomenaphthone (Menadiol Diacetate) -10mg
2- Vitamin-K: Tablets , Menadiol Sodium Diphosphate – 10 mg
3- Vitamin- K : Injection, Vitamin K (Menadione Sodium bi sulphite) -10mg
4- Menadiol 10mg tablets in pakistan, Menadiol Diphosphate Tablets 10mg
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Good natural food sources of vitamin -K include:

Vegetables like spinach, asparagus, and broccoli, Beans and soybeans, Eggs, Strawberries, Meat, Green cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Yoghurt, Alfalfa, Egg yolk, Safflower oil, Soyabean oil, Fish liver oil, Kelp.