Driving Walk-in Traffic to Your ATM Through Proper Placement and Installation

Bell ATM

It is no secret that ATMs help in attracting a lot of foot traffic to your business and also adds to your business revenue. However, the secret to reaping the benefits of an ATM installation lies in its proper placement. The ATM placement and installation may sound simple, but there are some calculations and parameters involved that you must consider for getting it right. Here are some factors you need to look into to generate more traffic for and through your ATM –Bell ATM

Near Glass Window/Door

The ATM must be kept in your store right behind the glass window so that people walking past by your store can see there is an ATM inside. Also, it must be easily accessible and noticeable to customers shopping inside. It would incite more usage and with time, increase the surcharge revenue it generates for you. Placing the ATM right near the door if there is no glass window is also a good idea to ensure that people from outside can see there is an ATM inside.

Right Outside the Store

Placing an ATM right outside the store, probably near the storefront or door is a good idea. It would attract a lot more people to use the ATM for cash withdrawal and other net banking services. It is a good idea to increase the foot traffic to your store considerably.

Inside the Store in a Mall

If you have a store in a mall, having an ATM inside the store itself serves like a premium service and convenience that you are offering to your customers. It’s a Brownie point winner in terms of customer service and would also help in marketing your brand and store. Even though there are many ATMs installed in a mall, having one exclusively placed inside your store can prove to be beneficial for your business in terms of the walk-in traffic that it attracts.You can buy atm machine by contacting the ATM service company, and they would provide you with the options you have available and the cost and formalities involved in it.

ATM Sign Board

Even if the ATM you have installed in your store is visible from the outside, it is a good idea to have an ATM specific signboard. It can be a lighting signboard to attract more foot-traffic and inform the public about the availability of ATM in your store. Even if the placement of the ATM in your store is strategic and visible easily from outside, there is a high chance that people talking over the phone, driving, cycling, or simply walking in a hurry may miss the ATM machine in your store.[adsense]

However, the glowing ATM signboard is a sure-shot way of catching the attention of the people looking for an ATM. It is known to attract a lot of foot traffic and most of the people who come in to withdraw cash from the ATM also end up spending a good portion of that money on your store. If your business is strategically located in a busy area with not many ATM machines around, consider buying an ATM today. It is an investment that would go a long way in increasing your daily revenue considerably, not to mention the surcharge revenue it would generate. In a few months, the investment you make in buying and installing an ATM machine would recover quickly.

Having an ATM placed in your store is an excellent way to showcase to your customers that you care. In this process, showcase your products/inventory to the customers that will undoubtedly boost your revenue.