Creative Competition: How To Conduct A Competitor Website Traffic Analysis


It can be challenging if you’re looking for ways to boost your web traffic and stay on top of the competition. One way that has been proven to work is utilizing more of the analytical tools at your disposal. There’s an almost 40% chance to see improvement when you do this.

Competitor website traffic analysis is the right tool for almost any business to find an edge. Read on to learn more about the importance of understanding your competition’s website traffic.

How Competitor Website Traffic Analysis Works

Depending on the specific service you use to examine your competition’s web traffic, it can work in several different ways.

There are simple examples to start with, like keywords. Many tools online that claim to dig through a competing website will give you information about keywords. A competitor keyword analysis is one of the most reliable ways to give yourself a boost, which is why so many services offer it.

Essentially, it ends up being a side-by-side comparison of your competition and you. This way, you’ll find out which keywords you are missing and where your page is failing.

Can This Save a Flagging Website?

One question we see a lot is whether or not this can get back the top spot for a website. It’s difficult, but not impossible, thanks to website traffic checkers.

Even if all the keywords have looked like they are in order from the previous step, other issues may be at play. For example, let’s say that your website has slowed down over the years.

It’s not that it’s all about keywords, however. A page that reacts slower can even drop the ranking. Even something as insignificant can make all of the difference.

If you think you might need to have a closer look at all of the inner workings, there are services you can get in touch with. It can even be for the best, as diagnosing the issue that needs fixing can be a long process.

The Importance of SEO

Your page rankings will live and die by your SEO, and that’s the key takeaway you need to have on this topic. You may have already felt like you had a handle on it, but then this happened.

You looked at your page and saw that your Google rankings dropped. By contacting services like the ones we mentioned prior, you’ll discover more than you could on your own.

Continuing to Grow Your Presence

Whether your traffic channels across social media or your websites, growing your business online will always be an uphill struggle. It’s the battle that all marketing campaigns face, and it doesn’t look to be going away any time soon.

Competitor website traffic analysis isn’t your only tool at your disposal, though. You’ve also got a treasure-trove of information online. You can use this blog as a perfect example of that, and keep reading for more informative articles on the world of marketing!