WhiteSmoke 2011 Portable

WhiteSmoke Writer is nice application used by children at school, people learning English as a second language and also professionals writing business reports and documentation. WhiteSmoke Writer is one of the first applications that can translate complete sentences between languages but it can also provide you with sentence synonyms. Anyone who is writing English, either online or on the desktop.WhiteSmoke Writer introduces new features and enhancements that make correcting and enhancing your writing a breeze. For writers of all skill level, WhiteSmoke Writer is the all-in-one solution for error-free and persuasive writing.[adsense]WhiteSmoke01

Key features of “WhiteSmoke Writer 2011:

  • Over 65,000 correctionsGrammar check
  • Synonyms to expand your vocabularyThesaurus
  • Relevant adjectives and adverbsEnrichment
  • Over 420,000 entriesSpell check
  • English-English professionalDictionary
  • Over 600 available Templates

For more detale please visit : www.whitesmoke.com


WhiteSmoke 2011 Portable