What Refills To Buy With Your First Mr Beer Brewing Kit?


If you plan on starting home brewing, then you should buy Mr Beer refills. This is a ready made kit that includes an extract of a certain beer along with yeast, purifier, and flavor enhancer.

Since the Mr. Beer Home Beer Kit can be reused, you only need to buy a new refill and brew a beer you have long wanted to try.

Read in our article about the most popular mr beer refills, as well as about where to buy them at an affordable price.

List of Most Popular Mr. Beer Refills

We have compiled for you the most complete list of beverages, which you can easily brew at home:

  1. The Diablo IPA is a drink that combines a blend of floral spice and fruit flavor with a firm bitter finish.
  2. The Northwest Pale Ale is a classic American light ale with a refreshing woodsy hop aroma.
  3. Long Play Session IPA – golden caramel beer with a floral aroma and intense bitter finish.
  4. American Lager is a classic golden color American lager with a well-balanced malt flavor and mild bitterness.
  5. The Bewitched Amber Ale is an amber ale with a delicate citrus hop aroma, pronounced malt character, and a noticeable bitter taste.
  6. Oktoberfest Lager is a dark amber beverage with a rich malt caramel flavor.
  7. Classic American Light is light beer with a soft taste and a mild refreshing finish.
  8. American Porter – dark mahogany color with a slight bitterness and pleasant caramel flavor.
  9. St. Patrick’s Irish Stout is a rich dark brew with a strong chocolate and coffee flavor.
  10. Canadian Blonde – light refreshing Canadian-style beer.

What Mr. Beer Refills to Choose?

If you’re just starting brewing, pay attention to the dark varieties. This beer matures faster than most lagers. So here you have a better chance to give your beer time to mature and taste it when it’s ready to be tasted.

Once you have fully mastered the brewing of dark varieties, you can move to the lagers.

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