App Monetization Checklist for 2021

App Monetization

After creating and publishing an app, one’s ultimate goal becomes to monetize that app. But if you want to use that as a source of constant income, you have to make App monetization checklists before doing so. You can use an article written by Topflightapps on How to monetize an app and get all the information on this topic. Today in this post, we will be talking about the App Monetization checklist, which you need to check out before launching your app for monetization.App Monetization

Before starting with the topic: App Monetization Checklist for 2021, let’s look into some pre-monetization checklists.

Pre-monetization checklists

These are some of the pre-monetization checklists we have mentioned below. It would help if you kept these things in mind before monetizing your application with any network.

  • Try to learn about your target audience preferences as much as possible.
  • Track the actual user behavior by installing heatmaps.
  • Do ASO (App Store Optimization) in your application.
  • Don’t forget to enable social media integrations.
  • Develop clear conversion funnels.
  • Choose from the right platform for your audience.
  • Always remember to test your app on different screens and platforms.
  • Run a usability test or user acceptance test (UAT) for a better understanding of user experience.
  • Please make a backup plan for the post-launch bugs and always be ready to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • Your application must have 1-3 main features.
  • We should have a clear roadmap for the app, uniformity, and convenience, and again it’s all about user experience.
  • Choose a proper marketing strategy for your app.
  • Keep checking the analytics of your app to understand user experience and monetization planning.

App Monetization Checklist for 2021

It seems easier to say, but we all know that there are many things we need to do before getting App monetization done right. Therefore we have brought for you a checklist which you need to pass out to accomplish this rightly.

1. Identify hooks for ad integration

Firstly, you need to decide on how to monetize an app appropriately. For example, if a video ad needs to behave like a reward at the end, then you must look into it because the user might click on it only if they get something in exchange reward as a coin or life.

Before you start to monetize your app with ads, keep in mind how you integrate those ads in your app. You will also need to know when is the best time or which level needs to be prompted with an ad.[adsense]

If you use full-screen banner ads, try not to confuse the users to get into a false click. Check if they are overstuffed, and if it is so, you will get annoyed and feel unsafe being there. And ultimately, you will see a vast drop in audience, which will lead you to nowhere good.

2. Try to use multiple ad networks

Ad networks are the companies that connect the advertiser to the publisher who wants to host the ad. Try to use multiple ad networks because no one knows if a situation arises, and the network you are using doesn’t have an ad to place. Then at that time, another ad network can come into action and help you.

Every ad network company has its flaws and strengths depending on countries and ad network areas. We can’t rely on only one network. So we need to be aware of these situations and become diversifying in choosing one.

3. Keep an eye on reviews, forums, and social media

As professionals say that poorly placed and designed ads can negatively affect one’s opinion towards any particular thing or subject. Hence, it becomes a basic rule that checking online reviews and forums can help you make a good idea of what changes you need before publishing. Checking on social media platforms will also give you a better idea of placement techniques and all that will make you better understand the strategies you need to put in choosing an Ad and their positioning.


In the end, all we can say is that the decision is yours. As developing and monetization require proper planning at all levels, or else you will end up losing the audience through an awful user experience with your app.

On the other side, we help you out with some basics like the app monetization checklist you must go through before doing app monetization. We hope you found this post helpful. Cheers.