Solution If Your Android Phone Lock And Give “Too Many Pattern Attempts” Error

If you forget your lock pattern or your friend of family member try to open your mobile at your absence, and many tries not success to inter in your mobile. When you open your in this situation you will get error ! Too many pattern attempts, to unlock, sign in with your Google accounts!. It was the last time you closed your mobile, maybe it is time that you made your WiFi close. In that case, you will not be able to connect to the mobile Internet. Below is the best solution to unlock your device without any extra source. This action Your phone data will be deleted but all your SD card data save and not damaged.

unlock android phone

[adsense]5 Simple Steps to Unlock Your Adroid Mobile Phone:

1- First switch off your mobile phone and keep on pressing until volume up button + power button, as long as until the logo appears.

2- When Your mobile logo appeared, quickly release volume button but keep on pressing power button.

3- Now you see recovery mode, just like ( computer Bios ) will appear on you mobile.

4- Simply the wipe data from factory reset option and select “Yes delete all user data” confirmation screen appear on your mobile.

5- Finally select the home button and then select the reboot button, now phone will reboot in normal mode and your mobile ready for use.

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