Excellent Trick To Break Any User Windows XP Password Very Easily

It happens many times that we forget the password to your computer, then reinstall new windows. I’ll tell you an easy solution. Skip to first ask where, you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to write. Dialog Box now appears in front of you, and it will ask you Username and Password. In your Username (administrator) and password to the same will write it, you’ll go start window. To try I hope you will succeed in the first attempt.

Break Any User Windows XP Password

Break Any User Windows XP Password Using Simple Steps:

Today I will tell you a trick,., Which you easily break Windows XP password, any user can set the password, and many account can access the break.
1- The first PC restart and quickly press F5 or F8 continue, continue to press until you pass the Safe Mode, And much more written coming. If it appears that the top of the “Safe Mode” is written, you can click on it and then wait a while, and after a while a window is open.

2- If you open a window to see the User Accounts of your names will be arriving. Note, then, first of all, what you have to break password for User.

3- Then Administrator will be written at the top, click on it. Then you will be in with Administrator account. When the account is open, then “Start”, click the “Run” Click and write “cmd” and then press OK.[adsense]

4- You will then open the command prompt, then you have to write, network user (the account name) (Then *). The gap between the have everything. Such that I change password for own account name is Farooq, or write a will. Net user Farooq *
Would then press ENTER.

5- Then you will have written, Type a password for the user: It’s nothing you can hide. And press Enter to.

6- It appears you have not written, Re-type the Password to confirm: Do not write anything again, and then press ENTER.

7- Then you will have written, The command completed successfully.

Your work is done. The password for the user was to break you, they have breaks. Now restart your computer and see if the password has removed.