Sexual Weakness and its Homeopathic Treatment

Sexual Weakness

Invisible disease and psychological disorder caused by 25 to 30 percent divorce of Islamic world. Power has created a source of sexual intercourse for human beings, which is essential for the fulfillment of the commitment that men are capable of specific stress which is also called as erection. It is not possible and it is called asphalt in the alphabet general.Sexual Weakness

Main Reasons:

1. Smoking:
Each type of heart affects heart health and includes cigarettes. It is important to be incomplete when heart heart failure does not provide blood to the organ. Dark world must have seen your spiritual sufferings often smoked, the same psychological desire is to crush.

2. Diabetes:
Due to this disease, the amount of blood glucose is not moderate, and also nervous effects, due to which approximately 50 percent of patients suffer incomplete.

3. Fatness:
Chubby people are also cholesterol apart from other problems. Due to which blood flow is affected and consequently incomplete becomes infectious.

4. Other diseases:
High blood pressure, nervous diseases, spinal cord or brain injury, alzheimer’s and stroke may also become incomplete.

5. Mental stress:
One of the main causes of mental hemorrhage is to exercise, exercise sleep, and avoid fighting fights and anger to avoid it.[adsense]

6. Depression:
This disease is the intricate condition of mental stress, its effect is also severe. Depression medicines also produce infectious diseases.

7. Pornography:
Non-realistic and unrealistic scenes shown in pornography create sense of weakness and weakness in the minds of young people who make them naughty.

8. Side Effect:
Side effects of some medicines include incomplete. These include blood pressure medicines, anti-hormones, mental stress and depression medicines.

Homeopathic Remedy:

Using 10 drops of Tribulus Terrestris Q, mixed once in a glass of water, increases the risk of sexual strength.
Caution:  The method of using this medicine is that one dose of ten drops should be used continuously for once a day, one week daily.  It is necessary to have fifteen days intervals. And after that one week, then it is necessary for a fifteen-day break. Similarly, it is necessary to use this medicine periodically. The use of more than once is not allowed on day or on continuous use for more than a week. Kidneys will severely damage if proposed. So just be limited to fixed diet.


Based on the pure human and social sympathy, this precious prescription is being made to read readers, because most people are just shy because of their shame and hiding their hide and hide, and some people are still treated with lazy and unwanted therapies. But it is obligatory for every person to do good for his society, as regards the person who can benefit humanity.