Sergey Tokarev, the Founding Partner of Roosh, Shares Insights on the Impact of ChatGPT on the IT Industry

The realm of artificial intelligence has been significantly reshaped by the advent of ChatGPT, an OpenAI product that has revolutionized how businesses engage with their customers. Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT has garnered widespread attention for its ability to learn, improve, and engage in meaningful conversations. Sergey Tokarev, Founding Partner of Roosh, recently shared his thoughts on the implications of ChatGPT and the future of IT.

ChatGPT, a conversational chatbot, marked a groundbreaking development in AI. Sergey Tokarev emphasizes the importance of the recently released GPT4, built upon the successes of its predecessor, GPT3. GPT4 not only provides instructions and represents business models but also generates code and visual content. The continuous evolution of AI, as seen in these iterations, promises further advancements in machine learning.

The rapid pace of AI development has exceeded expectations, leading to the replacement of certain professions sooner than anticipated. Sergey Tokarev underscores the need for adapting tests to identify AI, as it becomes increasingly challenging to distinguish between human and AI interactions online. This trend has raised concerns in major companies like Google, with Tokarev predicting a potential decline in Google shares in the near future.

Beyond ChatGPT, Tokarev highlights other swiftly evolving fields in the tech landscape. Biotech, particularly in analytics and production, is identified as a promising sector. Companies like BigMind are delving into protein synthesis, presenting groundbreaking solutions for fundamental challenges facing humanity.

Big data analysis has also witnessed significant improvements, enabling scientists to streamline their work. Sergey Tokarev notes that AI helps in eliminating intermediate stages, allowing for optimal modeling situations and experimentation. Communication fields, such as call centers and customer support, have undergone substantial changes, with AI handling routine tasks and interactions, saving valuable time.

However, Tokarev expresses concerns about the impact of AI on creative professions. Designers, programmers, and content writers may face challenges as AI encroaches on their roles. Tokarev predicts a division in the world, with those who create algorithms and innovate standing out from those who merely utilize them in everyday life.

In the Ukrainian context, Sergey Tokarev envisions active engagement in both categories, but with a focus on algorithm development. As the IT landscape transforms, Ukraine is positioned to play a key role in shaping the future of AI.