ZTE has Introduced Nubia X Two-screen Powerful Cell Phone

ZTE Nubia X

The Chinese company ZTE introduced a new smartphone with two-screen Nubia X. This phone has no scratches and the screen to body ratio is 93.6. The main display of the phone is 6.26 inches, while the second display or scan display is 5.1 inches. Snapdragon 845 processor has been used in the phone mentioned. It is available at 8GB Ram and 6GB Ram. ZTE Nubia XWhile storage is also available 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. On the back of the phone, two-dimensional 16-megapixels and 24-megapixel cameras have been placed respectively. There is no selfie camera in this phone. Because the secondary screen is available on the back of the phone, so selfie can be taken from back cameras. Cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The smartphone battery is 3800mAh. This phone has an operating system, Android Oreo.[adsense]Nubia X

This phone is available in Gray, Black and Blue colors. Its 6GB and 64GB versions have been set up to 473 $. The most expensive version of 602 $, which has 8 GB Ram and 256 GB Intel Storage. The sale of Nubia X will start on 5th November 2018.