Mozilla Released The New version Of Firefox With Charming Interface And Lot Of Features

Mozilla Firefox has released a new  version of the famous web browser. New version has been massive changes, the new interface, and Firefox Sync systems. Windows 8 touch features in the new version has been provided. So now the Firefox is much faster than before. Using Mozilla Firefox Sync account, you can get the all your information at mobile phone or computer. The new beta version interface has been substantially altered and now Google Chrome has more than imitation. New customization mode helps user can gather various tools and features in one place. Basic features such as Cut, Copy, Paste, etc have also been included.Mozilla Firefox

[adsense]When you run Firefox on the computer, they will show you the same web site was you opened on the mobile. Similarly, If you were logging on to Facebook from a computer, also you will be automatically log In your mobile. Browser security has been further improved and is very difficult for hackers that they can steal your information. All available services data will be encrypted and access is difficult.

Download the latest version from this link, If you are using Firefox and your browser is not updated yet: