First Urdu Word Processor Provides You Two way Compatibility With InPage


Good news for everyone that now first Urdu Word Processor is available free at It is designed to provide the capability to your Urdu blogs on Facebook and WordPress blogs. Urdu Word Processor can help you to email your document content. easily open InPage document and convert it into Unicode, also it has built in support for Urdu InPage text. Also You can crop and resize image your images add annotations with translucent background colors and font colors.Urdu-Word-Processor-

Below is the list of some major features of Urdu Word Processor:

1- Convert your InPage documents to Unicode using Urdu Word Processor.
2- Automatic Aerabification of Urdu text documents.
3- you can easily Translate the popular languages from one language to another using Google Translate.
4- Insert images, text art and edit, create HTML documents.
5- Create good looking headings and headlines with Text Art.
6- You can change the Keyboard keys anytime you want.Urdu Word Processor (2)[adsense]

Urdu Word Processor (3)

Click  link to download Free Urdu Word Processor from: