If You Want to Save Yourself, Never Write 5 Things on Facebook

Where social media has several advantages, there are also negative aspects. Today, most people have social media to share their daily life routines which is not right and, is harmful to us, because each person’s movement and purchases, as it becomes aware of personal tasks. If you want to save five things, we have to tell you never share on Facebook or any social media website. Below are five important awareness always remember before using Facebook.¬†Save Yourself from FB

1- Never ever share it on Facebook, when you leave and when you return at home. Because once you know the routine by vandals in the absence of your home can make any kind of incident.

2- Do not share any information about your shopping to social media, it is to be estimated if your financial status and they are aware that you have brought some precious thing at home.

3- Never share the presence or present location of social media, otherwise you may be in trouble. Always keep the location at off mode option on your social media accounts.[adsense]

4- Anything to take a look at it before share and will make sure that after sharing this too public, it will not become a source of trouble for you.

5- Do not ever write in your family, relatives and all, especially children and not the tag name. Do not share photos of your children, which makes possible school’s name inscribed on their identity, such as a photo taken in school uniform.